Socyal offers powerful customization options to tailor the platform to your organization’s unique needs.

With Socyal’s flexible features, you can create a customized workforce performance management, engagement, and team collaboration solution that aligns perfectly with your organization’s goals and objectives.

This guide will walk you through the various customization capabilities available in Socyal.

  • Custom Activities
  • Custom Lists
  • Custom User Groups
  • Custom Activity Associations

Custom Activities

Socyal allows you to define any number of Activities, which serve as the foundation for engagement and feedback within your organization.

These Activities come in several types, each designed to cater to different interaction styles:

  1. Unstructured or Freeform Feedback: Encourage open and free communication among your team members.
  2. Structured Feedback (Start-Stop-Continue): Facilitate structured feedback sessions to identify areas for improvement.
  3. Recognitions: Acknowledge and reward outstanding achievements and contributions.
  4. Absolute (5-Star) Ratings: Gather quantitative feedback with 5-star ratings.
  5. Relative Sliders: Enable team members to rate relative strengths and weaknesses using a sliding scale.
  6. Relative Grid Positioning: Gather opinions on people’s relative standings among each other using a grid-based approach that addresses unconscious biases.

Customizing Socyal Activities: Ongoing vs. Request-Only

Socyal offers flexible customization options for Activities, encompassing not only feedback but also assessments and evaluations. Furthermore, you can fine-tune Request-Only Activities to ensure they meet your specific organizational requirements.

Ongoing Activities

Ongoing Activities are designed to foster continuous interaction and engagement within your organization. These activities provide an open platform for assessments, feedback, and collaboration. Key features include:

  • Accessibility: Ongoing Activities are available to everyone in the designated group.
  • Spontaneous Engagement: Participants can initiate these activities at any time, encouraging ongoing interaction.
  • Reciprocal Assessment: Individuals can request assessments from others, promoting a culture of mutual feedback and improvement. For example, you can request your team members to evaluate your performance after a presentation.

Ongoing Activities are versatile and suitable for various scenarios where continuous communication and assessment are valued.

Request-Only Activities

Request-Only Activities offer a level of privacy and control over the assessment and feedback process. These activities are highly customizable, enabling you to tailor them to your organization’s specific needs. Key features include:

  • Controlled Access: Access to Request-Only Activities can be restricted to a select group of requestors.
  • Private Assessments: Requestors have the ability to gather assessments and feedback about someone else while maintaining the confidentiality of respondents.
  • Custom Requestor Groups: Admins can configure Request-Only Activities to allow specific groups of people to send requests. These requestors can request assessments from anyone within the organization.

This level of customization is particularly useful for scenarios where discretion, privacy, and targeted assessment are essential. For instance, managers can privately assess team members for promotions, or decision-makers can confidentially gather information about potential candidates for a role.

Custom Lists

Custom Lists in Socyal allow you to define skills, behaviors, and abilities that are relevant to your organization.

You can create these lists to align with your specific performance management and feedback requirements. These custom lists can then be seamlessly integrated into your Activities, ensuring that feedback and engagement focus on the attributes that matter most to your organization.

Custom User Groups

With Socyal’s User Groups feature, you have the flexibility to organize your workforce effectively.

You can define groups of people either manually, by selecting individuals within your Workspace, or automatically, by setting rules based on user attributes.

This means you can create groups based on roles, departments, or any other criteria that match your organization’s structure.

Custom Activity Associations

To ensure that Activities are directed to the right audience, Socyal allows you to associate Activities with specific Customer Groups.

This means that only individuals within these designated groups can interact with one another using the associated Activity. This feature ensures that feedback, recognition, and collaboration are targeted and relevant to the intended participants.

Continuous Improvements to Socyal…

Socyal is committed to continuous improvement, and our development team is constantly working on additional customization options and features to enhance your organization’s experience. Be sure to stay updated with our platform’s latest updates and features, as Socyal evolves to meet the changing needs of your organization.

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